Welcoming Dinner Batch 6: A Joyful Night in the Rain

It’s been weeks since the local buddies met their international buddies for the first time and finally, UGM Buddy Club hold its first welcoming dinner last Saturday night. This event was organized by a fabulous team – Risma, Angel, Nikolas, Triana, Cinthya, Eris, Jonathan, and Kintan. We were very excited to prepare this event together!! Yeay! And of course without the help of everyone in the club, this event won’t happen, so thank you guys for being really supportive.

The welcoming dinner took place at BNI Foodpark in UGM area. Bringing the concept of simple yet chick, the dresscode of the dinner was black and white. The dinner was going to be started at

pm, but unfortunately the rain poured and the committee had to reposition the tables and chairs from the outdoor park to the indoor room. It was a very panic situation since suddenly the lights out and the rain got bigger. The decoration, tables, and chairs were all wet. Luckily, Bima and Amalia as the Master of Ceremony for the dinner drove the atmosphere and turned the fun back to this event.

The welcoming speeches were delivered by Marietta Kristyarini as the President of UGM Buddy Club and Mr.Ariargo as the representative of OIA (Office of International Affairs). The short introduction gave brief explanation about UGM Buddy Club and its partnership with OIA. The next speech about the explanation of Buddy Club’s upcoming events was delivered by Kintan as Program Coordinator of UGM Buddy Club.

The game time finally came!! Yeay! All people were gathered to play “Human Bingo”. The rule was similar to the usual Bingo. Each player had to find 5 boxes crossed horizontally, vertically or diagonally as fast as possible to be the winner. What makes this game different from the usual one was the information in the boxes wasn’t numbers but the facts about other players. This game required us to talk and ask questions to other people in that place so that we all got closer and bonded to each other. Everyone really had so much fun in this session, although the time was up, they still continued the game.

That night continued with the essential part of the event, which is the delicious dinner. The beautiful songs also accompanied us through the rest of the dinner. Thanks to Marietta, Oscar and Raka for your songs. Lastly, we all took a photograph together. It was a warm welcoming night for all of us. See ya on our next events!

Written by: Angel & Triana

Farewell Dinner: One Last Fun to Share Before the Finals

As the semester was approaching to an end, it was just time for UGM Buddy Club Batch #5 to bid farewell. On Saturday, May 28th 2016, the buddies were invited to join the last event of UGM Buddy Club, which is Farewell Dinner at Dixie Easy Dining, Jl. Gejayan.

The club director, Nius Pranantha, delivered the farewell speech right after the event had been opened by the MCs, Nova and Ajeng, both of whom had been members of UGM Buddy Club of the previous batch. For the sake of ice breaking, the buddies played a game. Each one was assigned a number, then one whose number was mentioned by another player should mention another number quickly to avoid losing. Yari, Ami, and Dika lost their concentration and were sent to the front to sing and dance as a form of punishment. Forum Musik Fisipol (FMF) was invited to the dinner then the group of three played four songs, two in Bahasa Indonesia and two in English, inviting everybody to sing along before finally it was time for dinner!

The main courses for the dinner were mushroom cream soup, ca jamur, and Singaporean-style chicken. Water and sweet tea were served as beverage; whilst for desert, assorted fresh fruits. As the courses were served in buffet style, the buddies queued in orderly manner to serve themselves. Jonathan, Mia, and Zahwa, the committee for the event, were thrilled as the hungry buddies left not even a tiny bit of leftovers in the end.

At 8.15 PM, all buddies had finished dining hence, “since we’re in Indonesia,” exclaimed a local buddy, photo session was held. Fortunately, the venue had good background for photos!

UGM Buddy Club wishes everybody good luck for the upcoming finals!

Written by Jonathan

UGM Buddy Club Batch #6 Open Recruitment


Are you looking for new friendship? Do you want to have many international friends? Are you eager to join an organization with multicultural environment and experience? Come and join us! UGM Buddy Club is open for recruitment!

Send us your CV and Motivation Letter to http://bit.ly/UGMBuddyClub6 no later than 31.05.2016. For more information, please contact Ami (081372270989) or Kukuh (08990454125)

Once is Not Enough: Community Service 2.0

On Sunday, May 8th 2016, UGM Buddy Club held its 2nd meeting of Community Service at Little Care, Jalan Kaliurang KM. 21, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Similar to the previous meeting, there were some international students as well as Indonesian students who participated. The meeting was started by an ice-breaker game called “Which belongs to”; where the players needed to classify given words to Verb or Adjective column correctly.

After that, there was one special session, “Profession Presentation”, where the students described some professions to the kids. Those professions were Reporter, Forest Ranger, Tourism Receptionist, and Lecturer. The aim of this presentation is to show the kids that there are so many professions that they can dream of being. After the session ended, we had a quiz and played “pig tail” since it was raining and we could not do any outdoor activities. The meeting had finally come to an end as we announced the winners and gave them gifts.

Written by Mia

Us in the Society: It’s All About Being Impactful

UGM Buddy Club held its Community Service on Sunday, May 1st 2016 at Little Care School, Jalan Kaliurang km. 14. It is a non-governmental organisation aiming to teach English to kids. The event was followed by numbers of international students from various countries, such as Bangladesh, Japan, South Korea, France, and Russia. There were also some local students who participated. The event is scheduled to be held twice (the next meeting will be held on May 8th 2016). The first meeting was such a great start.

We introduced ourselves to 36 students there, and then form eight groups which were consisted of 6-8 members each. Amazing Race was the game we played! The 8 groups were playing ‘rubber bracelet estafet’ in the starting point, to decide which team goes first. They had two minutes to collect as many rubber as they could using the straw. The top two groups that collected the most rubber could proceed to the first spot. Amazing Race game had 3 spots with different challenges to ace.

First spot was guessing ‘Mime’ that played by the group member. The more they answered correctly, the bigger points they got. The second spot was ‘Spelling Bee’ that each member should spell any given words correctly. And last spot was ‘Chinese Whisper’, one member that had the message should transfer it to other members by whispering and could only be repeated for once.

The event ended at 5.30 pm as we announced the 1st and 2nd winners and the best group’s jingle. It was such a lovely day to wrap up the weekend.

Written by Lina

Days Off: Time for Some Fun outside Campus Area

On Friday ‘till Saturday, March 25th – 26th 2016, UGM Buddy Club held an event called Outdoor Activity A6 10an which was located at Goa Cerme, Bantul, Yogyakarta. Goa Cerme is one of the famous cave in Yogyakarta with its beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. There were 13 foreign students from many countries, such as Australia, Russia, Japan, and so on, who were accompanied by 14 local students, and we did so many activities such as cooking competition and caving.

We went there by car and motorcycles and it took about one hour. We left UGM at 3 pm and arrived there at about 4 pm. After a short break, we later divided people into 5 tent groups and then put our luggage in the tent. On 7 pm, we felt so hungry which meant… we had to start the cooking competition! The participants had to make a creative, delicious, yet unique dish with simple ingredients. But unfortunately, we were interrupted by heavy rain, so the participants had to evacuate their cooking (which was also their dinner) to a Javanese veranda near our tent site. At 8.30 pm, the judges tasted the dishes, by a really hard decision… the winner was the Plov group! (Congratulation!!!)

The rain was so heavy! It finally stopped at 10.30 pm, some of us decided to go to sleep and some others decided to stay awake all night while waiting for the caving. On 2 am, we woke up and prepared for the caving. The equipment that we used were helmets with a flashlight on it. We finally entered the cave at 2.30 am. We were all so excited by this activity even though we were all really sleepy. Inside of this 1.2 kilometres cave was really frightening because it was so dark, no lights could come inside. Sometimes, some of us yelled because it was really slippery and we got tumbled down. The heights of the cave and the heights of the water inside were various along the way, so we have to duck sometimes. But after a while, we finally enjoyed the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites. There was a stalagmite that could produce pure water.

We were inside the cave for about 2 hours. We were all both soaked wet and cold when we came out from the cave. Guess what? We were greeted by sunrise after we got out of the cave! After we changed our clothes, we went breakfast and then cleared our tents and luggage up. Finally, we went home at 9 am and arrived at our home safely.

Written by Zahwa

UGM Buddy Club Visiting Semarang

Saturday, March 12, 2016, UGM Buddy Club went to the capital city of Central Java, Semarang. This event was one of the programs that were arranged by UGM Buddy Club this year. Around 30 foreign students from many different countries such as Australia, Japan, Thailand, Germany, and so on, accompanied by 10 local students took part in visiting 3 historical sites located in Semarang; Pagoda Buddhagaya Watugong, Sam Po King, and Lawang Sewu.

We went there on bus and one car, departed from Jogja at around 7.15 AM. It took around 3,5 hours to reach our first destination, which was Pagoda Buddhagaya, located just outside Semarang. There we looked at the vihara in which Buddhist people do their prayer. The guide there gave us some information about the history of the vihara and the philosophical background regarding the building of the site. The vihara was said to be one of the first vihara built in Indonesia. Some of us were lucky enough to have the chance of having their fortune told inside the pagoda. At around 11.30 AM we continued our trip to our second destination, Sam Po Kong.

When the clock stroke 12, we arrived at Sam Po Kong. The tour guide of the site guided us and told us that Sam Po Kong was built to commemorate the great Commander Cheng Ho. He was the legendary commander from the land of China who had conquered the sea decades ago. He was even said to be the first commander, along with his fleet, to reach the land of America, a hundred years before Columbus did. While Columbus used ships with machine to reach the land, Cheng Ho and his fleet reached the place without using any machine whatsoever!

Our third destination was Lawang Sewu, the notoriously scary place in Semarang. We reached the place at around 1.30 PM and we took a full tour of the site, accompanied by the tour guide. The place was built by the Dutch government during the colonialization era of Indonesia as the center for the train station. Lawang Sewu itself was not a train station, but it was used as the office. The architecture of the building was unique, just like what Lawang Sewu means, A Thousand Doors, the building literally had thousands of doors. The doors were made that many so that air can go in freely inside the building to keep it cool inside.

At around 4.00 PM, we went back to Jogja via the toll and we stopped for a while at the Oleh-Oleh Shop in Magelang. At around 8.00 PM we arrived at UGM safely and then all of us went back to our own kost.

Written by Hafidz

Universitas Gadjah Mada: Have You Discovered All Facilities That It Offers?

Last Friday, UGM Buddy Club and the Office of International Affairs UGM held two events for international students which were Campus Tour and Garden Gathering. In Campus Tour, we walked around campus area with bikes. The buddies introduced the important buildings and places to the new international students. Then, in the Garden Gathering, the students were greeted by the Head of Office of International Affairs UGM, I Made Andi Arsana. Lots of traditional foods were offered to the students as they attended the event.