Open Recruitment Batch #9

Good evening, everyone!

Another semester has passed and UGM Buddy Club is finally recruiting new members! For you who love international friendship and multicultural experience, go grab this chance! Goodluck!



Semarang City Tour Batch 7 : Discover the Greatness Behind its History

Saturday, April 15, 2017. What a lovely day for us having trip to Semarang. This capital city of Central Java has so many things we should discover, we explored two of them. They were Sam Poo Kong and Lawang Sewu, as we knew they were rich of culture.

We started our journey at 7 A.M, when we gathered at OIA. While we waiting the bus, we have a joyful conversation. It won’t take long for the bus  to be arrived at OIA. We went to Semarang not long after the bus came because we were so excited.

Finally, at 10.40 A.M, we arrived at Semarang, the capital city of central java that hide so many history and heritage inside. Semarang was a hot city. It’s hotter than Jogjakarta. But we keep enjoy there. Our first destination was Sam Poo Kong, the former site of the first landing a stopover and Chinese admiral named Zheng He / Cheng Ho, as the guide said. There, we split into two group, where they were 1 guide in every group. The tour guide show us around and explain the history of Sam Poo Kong. We take so many pictures there.


After we went around, we gathered in one place. We make 5 groups for mini games. The first game was fun. First, each group make big circle and we follow order. When everyone ready, the game start with the first order like: “wind blow to the people ones wear white clothes”, than people with white clothes should move to the others position who use white clothes too. The last person moved will lose and give order for the next round. Then we changed the game. The second game was fun too. We told to arrange things we have as long as possible. The group with the longest things won. But, when we finished arrange things, the order changed. We should take our things back as fast as possible. So, the group with the longest things will work a little hard to won.

The game was finally over and each group received their reward. After the game, we take a break. The committee gave food which vegetarian food to vegan, and non vegetarian for the rest. Some of us take a pray at mushola.

The bus awaited for us to our next destination, Lawang Sewu. We must leave Sam Poo Kong. Sam Poo Kong was wonderful and we hope to visit it again soon.

It just take a few hours for us to get to Lawang Sewu from Sam Poo Kong. When we arrived, we take a picture together as usual. The tour guide came to us and explain a few things about lawang sewu. They said that lawang sewu was Ancient buildings and magnificent two story after independence used as the office of the Department of Railways Indonesian republic (DKARI) or now PT Kereta Api Indonesia . Moreover once used as the Office of National Infrastructures Regional Military Command ( Kodam IV / Diponegoro ) and the Regional Office (Regional Office) Ministry of Transportation Central Java, In the struggle for the building has a history of its own that is when the incident took place the Battle of five days in Semarang ( 14 October – 19 October , 1945 ). The old building became a great battle sites between youth AMKA or Angkatan Muda Kereta Api against Kempeitai and Kidobutai, Japan . Therefore the Government of Semarang with Mayor Decree Number. 650/50/1992, enter Lawang Sewu as one of 102 ancient or historic buildings in the city of Semarang that should be protected.

The history said Lawang Sewu building built on 27 February 1904 with another name Het hoofdkantor van de Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij (NIS Head Office). Initially the office administrative activities performed at Station Semarang Gudang (Samarang NIS), but with the development of rail network path very rapidly, resulting in increased technical personnel and administrative personnel who are not a bit over the development of office administration.

At the office consequently NIS NIS in Semarang station is no longer adequate. Various solutions do NIS, among others rented several buildings owned by individuals as a temporary solution that would increase inefficiency. Moreover, the location of the NIS Samarang station is near the swamp so that the affairs of sanitation and health becomes an important consideration. So, another alternative emerged: build administrative offices at the new location. The choice fell to land at that time is in the suburbs adjacent to the residence of the Resident. It’s on the tip of Bodjongweg Semarang (now Jalan Pemuda), at the meeting point of Bodjongweg and Samarang naar Kendalweg (highway towards Kendal ).

NIS entrust the design of the headquarters building NIS in Semarang to Prof. Jacob F. Klinkhamer (TH Delft) and BJ Quendag, an architect who lives in Amsterdam . The entire design process is done in the Netherlands , and then the images were taken to the city of Semarang , Viewed from Lawang Sewu blueprint says that the site plan and building plans have been drawn in Amsterdam in 1903 . Similarly, the completeness of his images created and signed in Amsterdam in 1903.

Enough with history, back to our trip. The tour guide show us around. We walked inside Lawang Sewu and take pictures there. We love the architecture of Lawang Sewu because it look classic and full of history. When the clock shows 3 P.M, we went back to the bus and ready for Jogjakarta. We arrived at Jogja around 8 P.M. We have so much experience and memory we will never forget.







Cultural Trip Batch 7: Batik, One of Many Beautiful Heritages of Indonesia

Giriloyo is the biggest keraton-inspired batik tulis industry located just outside Yogyakarta. As a part of the Cultural Trip Program, in 18th of March 2017 UGM Buddy Club went and visit Giriloyo.

On a Saturday morning where most of people would have a quiet day at home, we woke up early and went to Office of International Affair in UGM where the bus had waited for us to take us to Giriloyo. We left at 8 am in the morning, the traffic was pretty low even in Jalan Parangtritis, where it’s normally busy. We were greeted by gorgeous green rice fields as we went pass Bantul-Imogiri. The bus took a left turn to Giriloyo village and we can see the hills and more rice fields. It was such an exquisite scenery to enjoy.

We arrived at Giriloyo after an hour long journey. We went down from the bus and greeted by the staff. The first thing we did is taking a little peek at the batik gallery. The gallery was divided into two section, one section filled in naturally-dyed batik tulis and the other section is synthetically-dyed batik tulis. They all have unique patterns inspired by the traditional Keraton Ngayogyakarta patterns. Each and every pattern have a philosophical meaning behind it. One of them, the Sida Mukti pattern embodied a hope for one’s mind and soul contentment. What makes the batik tulis here special is the beautiful, well taught, carefully-crafted processes it takes for a single kain batik tulis to be made. We found out more about it on the next activity we did.

We took seat in the joglo outside the gallery where the staff explained a little bit of Giriloyo’s history. On top of the hill that can be seen from the centre, laid the memorial park of the royal family of Keraton Ngayogyakarta. Sultan Agung who reigned at the 17th century decided to build a memorial park around Giriloyo, thus the abdi dalem being sent to guard the place. These abdi dalem happens to be skilled batik tulis crafter. Traditionally, the men of Giriloyo would work and the women would craft batik tulis. The skill of crafting batik tulis was passed on trough generation up to now.

The staffs explained to us that a single piece of batik tulis can take as long as three months to make as it is all hand drawn, with the complicated, symmetrical, one of a kind patterns. The crafters would first draw the pattern with hot wax so that the color wouldn’t mix one with another. The pattern coaxed with wax would end up being white-coloured. The fabric would then be dyed. The process is repeated one after another until a satisfying result is attained. All of the process is done in a very careful and throughout manner, thus the long amount of time taken.

The next activity we did is doing our own batik tulis. We were divided into groups with five members each and one batik-crafter to guide us. One of the crafter, Ibu Nini had started learning batik tulis since she was in primary school. She would go and learn how to craft batik tulis after she finishes school.

We were given a pencil-drawn batik template. Ibu Nini showed us how to take the heated wax every often as possible and start drawing the pattern. When she was showing us the technique, it looks very easy as she had been a batik tulis crafter for twenty years. However, when we tried it ourselves it was a difficult process that needs a lot of patience and thoughtfulness. We did have a lot of fun trying to follow the pattern, Ibu Nini would occasionally help us along the way and made our batik look neat. Some of us had done an amazing job considering it’s our first time. It was very exciting to experience a hands-on batik tulis making.

After all of us were done with the wax coating, our little fabrics were dyed in brown and set in boiling water. They are washed afterwards and dried. It rained a little but we seem to be okay with it. We had our lunch and then we head back to UGM. This trip had surely been an amazing opportunity to have a glance at the hard-working batik crafters in Giriloyo that had helped preserve batik, one of many beautiful heritages of Indonesia.

Writer : Suha Amani

Welcoming Dinner Batch 7: Feeling Home in Foreign Land

As what many people say, ‘February is the month of love.” On February, 22nd 2017, UGM Buddy Club was delighted to welcome the exchange students who came from many different countries to study in Indonesia. As what the President of UGM Buddy Club Batch 7 said in his opening speech, UGM and Yogyakarta are the perfect choices for the international students who want to learn more about Indonesia. Students from every part of Indonesia come here to study, which explains why Yogyakarta is also known as ‘Kota Pelajar’ and why Yogyakarta becomes the mini projection of Indonesia. This also reminds us to the highlight message of the night, delivered so poignantly and understandingly by Bapak I Made Andi Arsana, Ph.D, Head of Office International Affairs, who once experienced the same thing as the international students coming to Indonesia; being in a foreign land. He compassionately explained how difficult it must be for the international students to be away from home and family. With this understanding, UGM Buddy Club and Office of International Affairs both share the same spirit and belief that we are committed to make a warm environment for the international students, to be their friends, and to have each other’s back.

            The night was simply beautiful. Comments were often heard coming from the international students who had never been in Pondok Cabe Bistro before, saying how nice the place was. Going through the registration table, the international students were given number which showed where they sat. It was a chance to meet new students from other countries that they might have not gotten the chance to meet yet. To get to know each other more, the committee had prepared a game called ‘Human Bingo’ where everyone was given a paper and a pen. On the paper, there were several boxes which was filled with some characteristics that some might have possessed. The goal was to reach ‘Bingo’ by finding the people with these characteristics. Everyone was so excited to play and it brought warmness among us.

            The night becomes more beautiful with songs sung by the committee, some names included Gemma, Suha, and also by Kevin and Ashley which also were the MCs for the night. Sensing how hungry everyone must be, the MCs welcomed everyone to dig in the food Pondok Cabe had prepared for the night. We enjoyed delicious local Indonesian foods namely Sayur Asem, Ayam Goreng, and Sambel. There was also a yummy vegetarian food that went nicely with Sambel and Kerupuk.

            While having dinner, everyone had a chance to talk to their new friends on their table and shared stories. The following agenda was the explanation of Buddy Club which was conducted by Kevin Siagiaan. He reminded us that there would be more events in the future which would be unfortunate to miss. After that, the committee also had prepared another exciting game. Everyone was told to gather in circle. The committee had prepared a doll which must be passed on while the music was playing. Once it stopped, the one holding the doll was told to come out from the circle and sing a song. We got three lucky singers and of course we didn’t forget to give prizes! We sang ‘I’m leaving on the jet planes’ for the last song together which completes the night.

            By the end of the night, we didn’t waste our monochrome dress code and took group pictures. The night ended with smiles and new friends. It was not exaggerating to say that the night was overall wonderful. This of course wouldn’t have happened without the generous contribution of Office of International Affairs which passionately supported this event. We are so fortunate to have Bapak I Made Andi Arsana and Mas Argo who made this event possible. This could only happen also because of the great teamwork and deep commitment by members of UGM Buddy Batch Club 7, the Steering Committee which includes Kevin Siagian, Eris, Arinda, Nikolas, Yulina, and also the Committee of Welcoming Dinner which includes Albert, Alifa, Ashley, Bagus, Cahyani, Gemma, Grace, Fad, El, Kevin, Reza, and lastly special mention for Laras, acting as the Person In Charge who sophisticatedly organized this event with her fullest commitment. This event was also lucky to have Gemma’s brother, Jonathan de Santo, who played the keyboard so beautifully for us through the night.

            This, of course, was just a start of beautiful journey together. Stay tunes for many upcoming events. Welcome to Indonesia, please feel at home. We are in this together.

Written by : Grace Alexis


Welcoming Dinner Batch 6: A Joyful Night in the Rain

It’s been weeks since the local buddies met their international buddies for the first time and finally, UGM Buddy Club hold its first welcoming dinner last Saturday night. This event was organized by a fabulous team – Risma, Angel, Nikolas, Triana, Cinthya, Eris, Jonathan, and Kintan. We were very excited to prepare this event together!! Yeay! And of course without the help of everyone in the club, this event won’t happen, so thank you guys for being really supportive.

The welcoming dinner took place at BNI Foodpark in UGM area. Bringing the concept of simple yet chick, the dresscode of the dinner was black and white. The dinner was going to be started at

pm, but unfortunately the rain poured and the committee had to reposition the tables and chairs from the outdoor park to the indoor room. It was a very panic situation since suddenly the lights out and the rain got bigger. The decoration, tables, and chairs were all wet. Luckily, Bima and Amalia as the Master of Ceremony for the dinner drove the atmosphere and turned the fun back to this event.

The welcoming speeches were delivered by Marietta Kristyarini as the President of UGM Buddy Club and Mr.Ariargo as the representative of OIA (Office of International Affairs). The short introduction gave brief explanation about UGM Buddy Club and its partnership with OIA. The next speech about the explanation of Buddy Club’s upcoming events was delivered by Kintan as Program Coordinator of UGM Buddy Club.

The game time finally came!! Yeay! All people were gathered to play “Human Bingo”. The rule was similar to the usual Bingo. Each player had to find 5 boxes crossed horizontally, vertically or diagonally as fast as possible to be the winner. What makes this game different from the usual one was the information in the boxes wasn’t numbers but the facts about other players. This game required us to talk and ask questions to other people in that place so that we all got closer and bonded to each other. Everyone really had so much fun in this session, although the time was up, they still continued the game.

That night continued with the essential part of the event, which is the delicious dinner. The beautiful songs also accompanied us through the rest of the dinner. Thanks to Marietta, Oscar and Raka for your songs. Lastly, we all took a photograph together. It was a warm welcoming night for all of us. See ya on our next events!

Written by: Angel & Triana

Farewell Dinner: One Last Fun to Share Before the Finals

As the semester was approaching to an end, it was just time for UGM Buddy Club Batch #5 to bid farewell. On Saturday, May 28th 2016, the buddies were invited to join the last event of UGM Buddy Club, which is Farewell Dinner at Dixie Easy Dining, Jl. Gejayan.

The club director, Nius Pranantha, delivered the farewell speech right after the event had been opened by the MCs, Nova and Ajeng, both of whom had been members of UGM Buddy Club of the previous batch. For the sake of ice breaking, the buddies played a game. Each one was assigned a number, then one whose number was mentioned by another player should mention another number quickly to avoid losing. Yari, Ami, and Dika lost their concentration and were sent to the front to sing and dance as a form of punishment. Forum Musik Fisipol (FMF) was invited to the dinner then the group of three played four songs, two in Bahasa Indonesia and two in English, inviting everybody to sing along before finally it was time for dinner!

The main courses for the dinner were mushroom cream soup, ca jamur, and Singaporean-style chicken. Water and sweet tea were served as beverage; whilst for desert, assorted fresh fruits. As the courses were served in buffet style, the buddies queued in orderly manner to serve themselves. Jonathan, Mia, and Zahwa, the committee for the event, were thrilled as the hungry buddies left not even a tiny bit of leftovers in the end.

At 8.15 PM, all buddies had finished dining hence, “since we’re in Indonesia,” exclaimed a local buddy, photo session was held. Fortunately, the venue had good background for photos!

UGM Buddy Club wishes everybody good luck for the upcoming finals!

Written by Jonathan

UGM Buddy Club Batch #6 Open Recruitment


Are you looking for new friendship? Do you want to have many international friends? Are you eager to join an organization with multicultural environment and experience? Come and join us! UGM Buddy Club is open for recruitment!

Send us your CV and Motivation Letter to no later than 31.05.2016. For more information, please contact Ami (081372270989) or Kukuh (08990454125)

Once is Not Enough: Community Service 2.0

On Sunday, May 8th 2016, UGM Buddy Club held its 2nd meeting of Community Service at Little Care, Jalan Kaliurang KM. 21, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Similar to the previous meeting, there were some international students as well as Indonesian students who participated. The meeting was started by an ice-breaker game called “Which belongs to”; where the players needed to classify given words to Verb or Adjective column correctly.

After that, there was one special session, “Profession Presentation”, where the students described some professions to the kids. Those professions were Reporter, Forest Ranger, Tourism Receptionist, and Lecturer. The aim of this presentation is to show the kids that there are so many professions that they can dream of being. After the session ended, we had a quiz and played “pig tail” since it was raining and we could not do any outdoor activities. The meeting had finally come to an end as we announced the winners and gave them gifts.

Written by Mia